"Just over two years ago I realized that I needed to improve my core strength in order to avoid repeated running injuries.

I met Charles and shared that I had 2 goals: develop my core strength for running and build strength and flexibility for golfing. I did not share that I had not had any prior experience working out in a gym. In fact, I was intimidated by the atmosphere, the equipment, and the unwritten rules that seemed to exist within most gyms. 

In our very first session, Charles made all those fears disappear.

Two facts were immediately obvious: 1) he was going to show me the proper technique for all the work we attempted, and 2) he was going to push me to achieve my goals.

Routinely over the 2 years of sessions we had, we found my limits.

Over the course of future sessions, we would discover that my limits had changed - I was becoming stronger, more flexible, and balanced.

I began to feel very comfortable within the gym, confident in my knowledge of the equipment and protocols.

I noticed the new sense of strength and flexibility in all my physical endeavors, including my running and golfing. 

In addition to leading me through the workout routines, Charles also mixed in complimentary components including Thai Yoga poses and massage, boxing and kick-boxing, and jump rope.

I continue to develop these skills and find them a great compliment for my normal work out routines.

I have continued running without the stress injuries I had been experiencing, and my golf game has noticeably improved.

But more important than achieving my original goals, Charles has lead me to a better understanding and appreciation for how to manage the flow positive and negative energy in my life through physical efforts.

Thank you for the guidance and mentorship. 

I recommend Charles Gibson as a guide to help you in your personal journey." 



"Working with Charles is exactly as advertised: SUPER POWERFUL.

Charles is such a kind, energetic, and genuine trainer—I feel honored to have him in my life as a coach and fitness mentor!

I recommend him to anybody looking to be a better version of themselves.

More than anything, I love working with Charles because he is so encouraging. 

Every training session is unique and he continually keeps our workouts fresh and customized to meet my goals.

I can see obvious results and improvements on a consistent basis. I am most definitely getting stronger!

I leave each training session feeling energized and accomplished.

His inspiring pep talks and words of encouragement have stayed with me for months after training, if not YEARS at this point.

Charles knows how to push you to your edge and is undoubtedly a challenging trainer as a former Marine, but his levity, sense of humor, and playful spirit helps make each workout fun and enjoyable (no matter how hard the work is!)

There are so many reasons why I think Charles is a top notch personal trainer, but as a yoga and meditation teacher, I think what makes him so special is his ability to be both intense AND healing.

You put in the work and take the time to unwind + take care of yourself.

As a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner, I know that Charles is mindful about planning our workouts—they are designed to be sustainable for your body in the long run.

Whereas some fitness professionals tend to beat your body up and call it quits, I know Charles can be counted on to provide great stretching, cool downs, and even some glorious Thai Yoga Massage at the end of each session so you leave feeling amazing.

All in all, I can't recommend Charles enough as a trainer and coach.

His positive energy is contagious and he is truly one of the best people I know in this life!"